Writing Challenge 12: Find a random headshot and write about it.


Agent Ives strode into the office and threw a manila folder on the desk.

His partner, Agent Holland, looked up from his computer, ‘Good morning to you too.’

‘I’ve been up all night,’ Ives leant over and tapped the folder. ‘This is who I want for the assassination.’

Holland flipped the file over and opened it. The first page was a large photo of a woman. She had long, dark hair that seemed gray and black in the harsh lights of the bureau. She was giving the camera an almost scornful look but it was clear she had posed for the shot. She was a good looking woman but Holland couldn’t say she was beautiful though she had nice raised cheek bones and dark sultry eyes.

‘Who is she?’

‘A model.’

‘Come again?’

‘She’s a model in the day, international mercenary assassin by night. I think she killed the senator.’

Holland turned the photo over to reveal the file only contained two more papers, each one blank. ‘And what’s your proof on this?’

‘It’s just my gut, Dutch. I can feel it.’

‘Do you have a name?’

Ives narrowed his eyes, ‘You know my name, it’s Michael.’

Holland shook his head and pointed at the picture, ‘Do you have a name for her?’

‘I haven’t been able to find one so I decided to call her Harmony Blaze. See the two names contradict each other. By day she’s full of harmony but by night it’s all guns…blazing.’

‘Where did you find this picture?’

‘Wikipedia. I typed in headshot and this was there.’

‘How long have you been awake?’

‘When did the senator get shot in the head?’

‘Eight days ago.’

‘I’ve been awake for ten days, sir.’

‘Sir? Ives, go home, get some rest and we’ll discuss this Harmony Blaze situation further tomorrow, okay?’

‘Is this a cover up? Have they got to you too.’

Holland frowned, ‘Ives you’re acting crazy. Go home, get some sleep. Take tomorrow off if you need to but don’t come back into this bureau until your head is straight. I don’t want you bringing in crackpot theories based on Wikipedia searches and sleep deprivation.’

Ives nodded slowly. ‘Okay, Dutch. You be careful though. Now you know about the lovely Ms. Blaze, you could become a target.’

‘I very much doubt that but thank you.’

Ives smiled and left the office.

Holland sighed and shook his head. He reached over and picked up the phone. He dialled a number and the other person answered on the first ring.


‘Harmony, it’s Holland. The cat’s out of the bag, repeat, the cat’s out of the bag.’


‘My partner.’

‘Damn it, Dutch.’

‘I know. You’re just gonna have to lay low until the heat dies down and I throw him off the scent.’

‘Okay. I’ll speak to you soon.’

‘Wait! Harmony. I love you.’

‘I know. I’ll speak to you soon.’

Holland put the phone down and picked up the picture of Harmony Blaze.

‘Be careful, my love.’


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