PSY Gangnam Style – Live

I used to live in Korea and when people ask me about it I’m not always overly enthused. I enjoyed most of the food but the stuff I didn’t like I really didn’t like. The idea that sometimes Korea is working against you is quite a prevalent one and sometimes you find yourself just thinking that Korea is kicking your ass for some imagined slight you committed against it.

But then Gangnam style got released and I saw the video and just felt homesick for Korea. I miss their sense of spectacle and madness. I miss the talent shows that divided their run time between weird talents, foreign guests and weight loss competitions. I miss the pristine choreographed dances from music videos.

I know if I went back that all the bad stuff would still be there but I’d have done anything to have been there when this tune came out, just to get in the club and watch a bunch of random people do the dance perfectly on a dance floor.

Oh, Korea, I love you but you’re strange.


7 thoughts on “PSY Gangnam Style – Live

  1. Western perceptions of K-Pop continue to baffle me. By which I mean, I show my friends a K-Pop song I love — Fantastic Baby, by Big Bang, for example — and they go “meh”. Then I show them Gangnam Style, and they love it. They claim they love Gangnam Style because it’s hilarious and ridiculous, but I thought Fantastic Baby was just as hilarious. Maybe my time in Korea has skewed my mind.


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