Friday Fictioneers: Lasercat

copyright-scott-l-vannatter‘Arrange the decorations as I requested, William,’ Its eyes glowed with malice and harmful intent.

I moved the baubles around with shaking hands, ‘Yes, Lasercat, whatever you say.’

‘Do you fear me, William?’ The cat smiled a cat’s smile, false and cruel.

I nodded quickly, my eyes averted.

‘You reek of fear, William. It coats you. You need a bath,’ Lasercat’s tongue flicked out against its black lips.


‘Bathe yourself, William,’ the eyes glowed yellow then orange then red, powering up.

I slowly raised my arm and ran my tongue along it as the cat meowed with spiteful glee.


Some Friday Fictioneers for you with the prompt coming from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

One of the easiest stories I’ve written for this blog and the most fun I think.

If you enjoy the writing here head on over to – The blog I co-write about living and working in Turkey (It’s mostly about eating though)


21 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Lasercat

  1. brilliant, disturbing and hilarious! i read it out loud obviously, and gave lasercat a voice that was kind of a cross between papa lazarou and blofeld……i think

    …..’bathe yourself, william’


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