Classroom Jazz Poetry

CaptureI teach 2nd graders English as a foreign language in Turkey. The job, like all jobs and all other things, has its ups and downs. One of the ups comes from my students inability to spell.

A usual writing lesson finds me and my partner teacher splitting duties between who goes table to table helping the kids and who stands at the front writing the words the kids can’t spell on the board.

Inevitably at the end of the lesson the board is covered in random words written in random spots and occasionally I find that reading them out loud makes them sound like surreal poetry.

Today’s lesson ended with:

Mirror rabbit

Strong elephant 

                    Clown swimming




Flying naughty


Admittedly its gibberish but it always makes me think of one of those jazz poetry slams you see on TV with a dude in a black turtle neck and beret chain smoking unfiltered cigarettes while hipsters snap their fingers at him.

One we had last week was simply:





And I really liked that.


4 thoughts on “Classroom Jazz Poetry

    • I love it. I taught in Asia before this and Turkey’s got a nice mix of European and Asian. The food’s great and the people are lovely. I actually write another blog with some friends about living here ( which must show my level of affection.

      How’s Japan?


      • I love Japan, I think it’s the country I will eventually settle (I’m married to a native). It has great hot-springs, food, beautiful scenery and very warm people. I’ve heard Turkey has those things as well, and it’s always been my dream to go there.

        I will have to check your blog out ^^ My Japan one is


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