Word Count (02.03.13)

Words Written Today: 

1,385 (However I did cheat a bit today because I was writing about the speech that RFK gave after MLK was shot and killed. Originally I was going to just put little sections of the speech in and write around them but after listening to, watching  and reading the speech I felt it all needed to go in with breaks put in for crowd reactions and character stuff. That means that 1,385 words got written but not all of them are Sean Fallon originals)

Overall Word Count: 


Favourite Lines I Wrote Today:

He had never seen, and hoped never to see again, so many hearts break all at once.

Lines I Wish I Had Written: 

You know what I`m
like when I`m sick: I`d sooner
curse than cry. And people don`t often
know what they`re saying in the end.
Or I could die in my sleep.

So I`ll say it now. Here it is.
Don`t pay any attention
if I don`t get it right
when it is for real. Blame that
on terror and pain
or the stuff they`re shooting
into my veins. This is what I wanted to
sign off with. Bend
closer, listen, I love you.

This Is What I Wanted To Sign Off With by Alden Nowlen (one of my favourite 3 poems) 



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