Election Helpers?

Have you ever worked on an American election? Do you want to talk about your experiences? Do you want to help a budding writer write his first novel?

If the answers to these questions is yes then please get into my comments section and tell me about your experience volunteering for a campaign. It doesn’t matter who your candidate was I just want to know about the nitty gritty, the cold calling, the door to door knocking.

Any info you can give me would be much obliged.

Here is a picture of a picture of a really nice car as a thank you in advance.IMG_1691


4 thoughts on “Election Helpers?

  1. Wow… thanks for the car, you are all heart.

    I’ve worked on two political campaigns… one successful and one not. The first was for a friend who ran for city council. I put flyers on people’s doors. When he ran for congress, I manned phones and called to get out the vote. Most people were very nice, as he was a popular guy. He died in office after serving as a congressman from Sacramento for 26 years.

    I also campaigned for a guy who ran for Mayor. He was a slickey-boy… he lost. I put together lawn signs, and went out and put them on peoples lawns.


      • No, they were supporters, and the signs were on their property, otherwise the signs would have been lost. They were expensive. Back then, and this was in the late 60’s, the printed signs (and of course, they had to be printed in a union shop) were heavy two-sided cardboard stapled to a wooden stake. Some signs were placed on public roadside spaces, and those were fair game for opponents to steal and replace with theirs, st the prime spots. I remember when an incumbent state assemblyman’s aide was caught by police with his car filled with their opponents signs. He got in big trouble, but his boss got re-elected. Sign trashing, or disappearing takes place on homeowners lawns too.


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