Friday Fictioneers: The Farm Animals

thirstyThe farmer watched the horse watering his fields by itself and beamed. All of his training was paying off. The chickens laid their eggs and delivered them to the farmhouse now and the sheep had, with some difficulty, been taught to shear themselves. The pigs dutifully fattened themselves up and then, upon reaching a nice, plump size, killed themselves by clutching a knife between their trotters and then falling upon it like porcine Mark Antonys.

The farmer smoked his clay pipe and rubbed his stomach  and smiled the content smile of a farmer who had never read any George Orwell.


Based on the prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for Friday Fictioneers.


33 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Farm Animals

  1. Dear Sean,
    Okay, now I have to read Animal Farm. In any case you’ve delivered a delightful piece. Of course I’m trying to envision the sheep shearing each other without opposable thumbs. “Porcine Mark Anthonys”…classic. Well done.


  2. I’m taking a break from working on the hardwood floors and this is the perfect break material. I love it. Just wanted to let you know that sheep would “shear” them selves. If they “sheer” themselves, they’d be getting this and the farmer could see through them. That would be bad. 🙂 Now I’m waiting for the pigs to find another use for those knives.



  3. Well, he sure is ‘more equal than others’ if it was only that easy I might give my wife her dream and become a farmer. Of course if those skilful animals were to rebel…..Good story. 🙂


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