Word Count (28.03.13)

Words Written Today: 


Overall Word Count: 


Favourite Lines I Wrote Today:

James’ expression didn’t change but a long drawn out scream sounded in his head.

Lines I Wish I Had Written: 

Kyouichi Motobuchi: If I survive, can I go home?
Teacher Kitano: Yes, but only if everyone else is dead.

From Battle Royale by Kenta Fukasaku





3 thoughts on “Word Count (28.03.13)

    • One of my favourites…sequel not so much but I would advise reading the book. The author really dives into the high school drama of the situation and how the little school yard insults manifest themselves into something big when you put a gun in someones hand. Its brilliant.


      • Didn’t know there was a sequel, but I will definitely look out for the book.
        I stumbled on the film by pure accident; I think it was in a bargain bin in Asda (insert own budget section of budget supermarket here), anything else you would recommend like that?


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