Word Count (19.05.13) or the dangers of breaking routines

Didn’t do very well today and ended up with only 158 words. Terrible number for a Sunday. What I try to do on the weekend is wake up at 6.00 (same as weekdays) and then jump straight in the shower, make a bowl of cereal and a cup of tea and get into the writing. That way by the time Fi wakes up or its time to go see friends, run an errand, etc etc. My words for the day are done and I can relax.

Unfortunately today I got up at six and was lured back into bed for an extra hour to sleep in. When I woke up again I didn’t get in the shower but instead went and lay on the couch reading Wonder Woman comics. By the time I got in front of the computer it was past eight and I was dividing my time between writing and making boiled eggs. My focus was all over the shop so by the time we went out to meet some friends I had written nothing and was completely out of the zone.

I’ll have to take it as a lesson of the dangers of breaking routines.


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