Word Count Day Off

Took the Wednesday before my birthday (22.05.13) as a day off from writing because my school work load got a bit much. Had to write lesson plans, teach four classes, monitor the football, have a meeting and then after school had my Turkish lesson and make (actually order) dinner. I had decided early in the day (when I was swimming at 6AM – man, was a full frigging day, just writing it down makes me feel tired) that no writing would be done.

On a day off there is the urge to say, ‘I’ll throw down a hundred words. It ain’t much but its a hundred more than nothing.’ and that is a good urge but the worry is that two things could happen.

1) You get stuck straight away. You look at the page and can’t think of 100 words and then the next time you look half and hour has gone and you’ve written nothing and all the tasks that you put aside for a day off are there waiting for you.

2) You get on a roll. You start with 100 but at the end of the 100 you have your protagonist about to work out who killed the Pope or there’s a knock on the door and the heroine’s long-lost father is there. You can’t stop now, you may never get this energy and momentum back and you end up writing 1000 words, which is great, but at the same time all your day off tasks then bleed into your writing days and infect them meaning that your usual writing days are days of distraction about the tasks you should be finishing.

For me the best bet is to think about the work all day but write nothing. Make a few notes if you need to but sometimes its best just to let the idea percolate in your mind so when the day after the day off comes around you have a nice idea of what it is you want to put on the page.

The new hotness pictured below is my birthday present from my muse, my flame.




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