Viva Kennedy!

moleskineh-1_4For my book I started with a normal chapter system with each chapter being numbered and named.

Eventually though it became apparent that the book could be split in clearly seperate parts so I changed it so now there is a big chapter title and then the parts of the chapter are split into numbered sections. This means that some chapters are 100 pages long but they are split up within the chapter.

Today I started writing Viva Kennedy, the final chapter on the book. I don’t like epilogues so when this chapter is done the book is done with it.

Yesterday, I assembled a gang of beta readers who were chosen for their charm, good looks and knowledge of literature and language. They are also a global group. If everyone I have asked decides they want to do it there will be a South African, two Australians, three Americans, three brits (myself included) and a Canadian.

This idea of assembling a team of readers had come to me a few weeks ago and me and Fi had brainstormed the best group for it. It came to a head last week when we had a party at our house and the subject came up again and we realised that our list of readers were all in attendance and when asked they all seemed enthused with the idea.

So yesterday, to lock myself in, I made a Facebook event for the eventual round table book discussion and invited them. I’m already nervous just thinking about it but if I can’t handle helpful criticism from my friends then maybe this ain’t the job for me.

Right, back to work.




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