Word Count (05.06.13)

Words Written Today:


Overall Word Count:


Favourite Lines I Wrote Today:

[John] Wayne adjusted his tie and hiked up his trousers. ‘Now, Jason, that’s a great question. This fine country of ours was built on hard work, determination and good, old-fashioned American grit. Those settlers got here and found this country to be a howling wilderness. They didn’t find it to be a paradise of convenience like the Negroes and the Mexicans do when they climb over a fence or float over on a boat made out of a door. No, they found a desolate land full of toil and hardship and also some painted face fellas who wanted to selfishly keep all the land for themselves. When they saw they had arrived here, in America, they had nothing but the shirts on their backs and they still looked to the sky and said, “Thanks God, we’ll take it from here.”’

Hal said, ‘I think I’m going to vomit.’

Lines I Wish I Had Written:

Men seldom, or rather never for a length of time and deliberately, rebel against anything that does not deserve rebelling against.

From Thomas Carlyle




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