downloadNational Novel Writing Month begins tomorrow and so does my rewrite in earnest. As with when I was writing the book I will post daily word counts and also, because for the 30 days of November I am giving up booze and bread (as a sacrifice to my Muse? Probably not), I will post my weight.

And I think a music video each day as well, just to spice things up a bit.

Hopefully, when we get to the end of November my rewrite will have become second nature and I’ll be doing it each day. Recently I have fallen out of my writing routine because of my current workload at school and just not being in the habit of writing every day.  Also I’ll feel a little healthier after spending the past couple of weeks/months since my wedding in constant binge mode. 

If you’re going to join the novel writing month, come buddy me on nanowrimo, my handle is Seanfallon01.


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