100 Cool Things #014: Future Me

CaptureFutureme.org is a website that lets you send emails to the future. Each year I write myself an email giving myself a pep talk, some reminders, a little advice. It works wonders for my morale, especially as I always make sure to leave out a lot of the negative stuff and put in a lot of positive stuff (no one wants to be reminded of year old complaints). I’ve been doing it for five years now and at the end of this month I should be receiving some mail from 2012 Sean (that cad!) and it’s exciting because 2012 Sean was unmarried and hadn’t finished draft one of THE BOOK. He’d be so proud of me, sitting here with my beautiful wife, hard at work on draft two. The website has an archive so you can go back and look at old messages and also a public board where you can see anonymous letters that other people have sent. Some are heart-warming, some are sad, but each one is an interesting little look at the messages people send from themselves to themselves.


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