RFK and Football

Can anyone tell me which football team Robert F Kennedy was a supporter of?



2 thoughts on “RFK and Football

  1. That’s hard to say, Sean. You could write to one of his kids. I would imagine the New England Patriots for sure, since they are the Boston home team. But, they were not formed until 1960, and I’m sure he had a favorite football team before that. Usually for a kid, it’s the closest team. Mine was the Oakland Raiders, because I lived in Sacramento 90 miles away… it could have been the 49’ers, but the Radiers were way more bad-ass in those days. He grew up in many places and there are so many football teams in the North East. Back in those days, football was not that big a deal like it is today, baseball was king. So I think he would have become more of a football fan as an adult. I would think he would have become a football fan of the Washington Redskins since his family was so political. But for sure he would have been a New England Patriots fan too.


    • Awesome, thanks for the insight, Ted, as usual a big help.

      According to wiki the Redskins played at the Robert F Kennedy memorial stadium until 1996 so I think that might be the safest bet.


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