On Turning 30

Today is my 30th birthday.

So far I’ve lived in six countries, had ten jobs, earned one bachelors degree, been jumped and beaten up once, been pick-pocketed once, been married once, read (according to Goodreads) nearly a thousand books, watched innumerable films, got two tattoos, broken two bones, finished writing one children’s book, finished writing one novel, watched The Exorcist every Halloween for the past six years, seen a cow blow up in Cambodia, survived a military coup, lived in a hotel room for two years,  tried to learn four languages, tried to play one instrument, scored one wonder goal in football (in primary school), been uncle to one amazing nephew and three incredible nieces, been owner/brother to the best dog ever, taught at four schools, learnt to make sausages, learnt to shear sheep, mastered the art of soft boiling an egg, forgotten how to soft boil eggs, remembered how to soft boil eggs, visited five continents, tried and failed to stop biting my nails on more occasions than I can count, never stayed overnight in a hospital and been the one in the bed, been in two big car crashes, never learnt to drive, never been able to skate (roller or ice), never been able to properly riffle shuffle a deck of cards, never been able to juggle, mastered one magic trick, learnt a million jokes (good and bad), mastered one tongue twister, settled on a cocktail to order at every bar that serves it, learnt to tie a bow tie, learnt to wear a bow tie with impunity, accepted that I’ll never own those awesome Wonder Woman Converse, begun a collection of books to read to my so far non-existent children, loved my family, shunned my enemies (to the best of my abilities), chosen good friends and worshiped the ground upon which my wife (my muse, my flame, the light of my life and the fire of my loins) walks upon.

So far so good.

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 Just realised this post is very similar to the Daily post challenge.



8 thoughts on “On Turning 30

  1. Happy Birthday! I can’t remember that far back (more than twice), but I’m looking forward to doing one or two of the things on your list. Some of the things are going to be too difficult for me to do, like never staying overnight in a hospital (as I’ve already stayed there). Happy birthday (or did I already say that?)!


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