The Daily Post Challenge: Things I Can’t Live Without

Things I Can’t Live Without
The Internet.
Doctor Who.
Trips abroad.
The feeling of sitting back in a chair and seeing something you wrote and then just thinking, “Yeah, I did that.”
Waking up on Saturday morning.
The works of Alan Moore, Wes Anderson and The Smiths.
Long walks.
Giant steaks.
That scene in The Godfather where Clemenza teaches Michael how to make spaghetti.
A constant stream of good ideas.
A constant stream of bad ideas.
The ability to differentiate between the two.
Breakfast in bed.
Breakfast at a table.
Breakfast at a restaurant.
My wife.


Inspired by the Daily post challenge.


13 thoughts on “The Daily Post Challenge: Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. I love this!

    Such a simplistic window into who you are, yet after reading it I already have the feeling that we might get along (I say might only because I’m an anti-social jerk, lol).

    I loved finishing the list with “veins”. Nice and cheeky. 🙂


  2. I enjoyed reading your list and I see we have some things in common, too (I’m referring to basically all the food related components you mentioned). Happy blogging, happy eating! 😉


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