Friday Fictioneers: The Dire-Man (pt 12)

Earlier parts of The Dire-Man can be found here: 

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Another cheat post without reference to the prompt. And now, the final part of The Dire-Man:


‘And this little boy said to me, “Dire-Man, don’t take me away to your house on the beach”,’ The Dire-Man giggled, ‘”Take my son. When I am old and have a son. Take him.”’

My son looked at me but I did not look at him.

‘So I did. Now, the son of the little boy is mine,’ The Dire-Man cracked his knuckles. ‘So, daddy, does our deal still hold?’

I looked down at my child, broken and maimed.

When I returned home I climbed the stairs and walked down the hall passing the door to my son’s empty room.





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