Friday Fictioneers: Mirrors



It all started after I saw my reflection blink.

Then all the mirrors seemed to lose their minds. They would show reflections of the room at the wrong time of the day. I would stand before the mirror in the sunny afternoon and see a darkened room full of moonlight and silence. The mirror downstairs showed my reflection as a child, screaming for my parents. The bathroom mirror was blank.

I smashed them all but they healed themselves.

I look in them now and I don’t recognise the person staring back, but it’s clear that he’s trying to get out.


Another Friday Fictioneers story with prompt supplied by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.


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Marrying the Animal



16 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Mirrors

  1. Dear Sean, I can’t believe I figured out how to leave a reply – finally. I think your husband is quite handsome but he does look like an animal! Happy Marriage to you! Now, I like your stories and this one in particular because I have mirrors all over my house and enjoy them. I know Rochelle thinks they’re spooky – maybe a bit – but I like to see the “World of Reverse” through them. I love your story. Are you sure there is no odd ‘gas’ seeping up through the basement. Have a good week. Nan 🙂


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