I love taking pictures of graffiti everywhere we travel. Was cleaning out my phone and realised I had quite a collection so here, have a peek.

WP_20140701_024 WP_20140726_020 WP_20140518_045 WP_20140914_011 InstagramCapture_a7e6bd46-6d50-4d5e-b0a0-dd60105a81c1_jpg InstagramCapture_cabdf86a-1f5a-4354-b546-307ebcb705f6_jpg WP_20140518_043 WP_20140914_012 WP_20140915_011 WP_20140916_015 WP_20140916_041 WP_20140916_040 WP_20140916_039 WP_20140916_038 WP_20140916_037 WP_20140916_029 WP_20140916_027



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Marrying the Animal





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