Batman: Year One came out in 1987. I’m amazed that it took 27 years for someone to think, ‘Hey, the Young Jim Gordon Adventures would be awesome!’

Taking their cue from the acclaimed comic series Gotham Central, the creators stage their action within the GCPD, who have the thankless job of policing Gotham and its insane population. As a Batman geek I was more excited seeing characters like Montoya, Bullock, and Cris Allen, than clumsy intros to Catwoman, Riddler and Penguin (though I think the creators wanted to stack their Batman cred up front for the pilot.)

Promising start though.


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2 thoughts on “100 Word TV Review: Gotham: Pilot

  1. I wasn’t going to watch, but then thought it just might be something. The ‘look’ had impressed me in the previews. I enjoyed the show and thought the art direction was fabulous… a nice blend of real and imagine. A longtime fan of Batman; I was buying Batman comics for 10 cents long before you were born, but not a geek, so not familiar with all the characters. I figured out Gordon was the future commissioner and I seem to remember his partner. I thought the show was well cast. I like the kid who plays Bruce, so far. I didn’t think the CatGirl intro was as good as Riddler and Penguin. Riddler was best with just a quick peek. I’ll be taking another look.


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