A lesson from Grant Morrison about economy of storytelling. This is the first page of All Star Superman, a fantastic Superman comic and a classic of the genre. On this first page you get the whole of superman’s origin in four panels and eight words. Nothing is wasted and Morrison relies on the fact that everyone is aware of who Superman is and where he came from without having to recycle the same old scenes of Jor-el and Lana loading baby Kal-el into a spaceship. As much as I love Batman I have reached saturation point with seeing Thomas and Martha Wayne get murdered, especially as Batman has one of the most famous origins that is virtually unchanged 75 years after it was first written. Here, Morrison gives you everything you need to know and then the story (which is insanely good) can begin, unhindered by the past.


And while we’re talking about All Star Superman I can’t help but put up two gorgeous pages by the immensely talented Frank Quitely.

all-star-superman-10 All-Star_Superman_03_20


I could stare at that moon kiss for hours.


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