100 Word TV Review: Doctor Who: Dark Water


This was a solid beginning to a season finale and a great reintroduction to one of my favourite characters. I had my suspicions about who Missy really was:


but fell for the robot misdirect and then the Rani misdirect, which is good work from Moffatt who can still keep us guessing.

I feel like this episode will be a little controversial (hopefully not for the sex change regeneration) because I can imagine some kids freaking out about the fate of cremated relatives/pets.

A good start to what is hopefully a good end to a great series of Capaldi’s Doctor Who.


This isn’t part of the 100 words but this episode put me in mind of this article from the AV Club about death in popular culture. The idea that Danny’s death can be reversed is lovely in story but in the real world, where these things do not happen, it can be hard for people who have been bereaved to see, knowing that they themselves do not have the same chance to see their loved ones again. Read the article. It’s heart breaking and interesting.


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One thought on “100 Word TV Review: Doctor Who: Dark Water

  1. I don’t think anyone will be able to replace Roger Delgado as The Master. He was perfect in the role. With his death, we not only lost The Master, but one of the best Dr Who’s when Jon Pertwee decided to leave the show. He and Roger were close friends.

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