The Big Batman Read

4058802-6025115082-31152Decided to put together a reading list of the major Batman books to read in order. Not necessarily the order they were written/published, but the order that they fit into the overall Batman story (Pre-New 52).

  1. Batman: Year One
  2. Batman and the Monster Men
  3. Batman and the Mad Monk
  4. Batman: The Man Who Laughs
  5. Batman: Prey
  6. Batman: Venom
  7. Batman: The Long Halloween
  8. Batman: Dark Victory
  9. Batman: The Gauntlet
  10. Robin: Year One
  11. Batgirl: Year One
  12. Nightwing: Year One
  13. Batman: The Cult
  14. Batman: The Killing Joke
  15. Batman: A Death in the Family
  16. Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying
  17. Batman: Knightfall
  18. Batman: Knightquest – The Crusade
  19. Batman: Knightquest – The Search
  20. Batman: Knightsend
  21. Batman: Prodigal/Troika
  22. Batman: Contagion
  23. Batman: Legacy
  24. Batman: Cataclysm
  25. Batman: No Man’s Land
  26. Batman: Officer Down
  27. Bruce Wayne: Fugitive
  28. Batman: Hush
  29. Batman: Death and the Maidens
  30. Batman: Broken City
  31. Batman: War Games
  32. Identity Crisis
  33. Batman: Under the Hood
  34. Infinite Crisis
  35. Batman: Face the Face
  36. Batman and Son
  37. Batman: The Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul
  38. Batman: The Black Glove
  39. Batman: Heart of Hush
  40. Batman R.I.P.
  41. Final Crisis
  42. Batman: Battle for the Cowl
  43. Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn
  44. Time and the Batman
  45. Batman: Long Shadows
  46. Batman and Robin: Batman vs. Robin
  47. Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne
  48. Batman and Robin: Batman and Robin Must Die
  49. Batman: Black Mirror
  50. Batman Incorporated

There’s probably some stuff missing or unimportant, and in some cases I couldn’t track down the book I needed. As I read through the list I will post a  review of each book. Stay tuned and, if you can, please read along.


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