100 Word TV Review: Gotham: Harvey Dent


Gotham again succeeds by dropping the freaks and upping the gangsters. Harvey Dent segued into the show nicely and the writers managed to get his Two-Face things (coin and intense anger) done with a finesse they have previously lacked (i.e. the Riddler).

The Bruce and Selina scenes, which I thought were going to be awful, were actually very sweet. The trio of Bruce, Selina, and Alfred work well together and I could happily watch more of their story in the coming weeks.

The final scene was disappointing and I worry what it will lead to (hopefully Barbara leaving the show).


One thought on “100 Word TV Review: Gotham: Harvey Dent

  1. I saw the preview of the first episode and liked what I saw, but what I’ve seen of The Penguin drove me nuts. Now I realise that Sean Pertwee plays Alfred, I think I might have to watch it. I loved him in “Cadfael.” He’s looking more and more like his father, Jon, every year.


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