History’s Hairdresser – Dr Jekyll

Image (2)Morning, Doctor, how’s it been? Same old, same old. I hear ya. I was only telling Marge the other day that it’s a bit boring round our way. We may need to move. Where are you living these days? Oh, yeah, the big spooky lab with all the green smoke coming out the chimney? Yeah, I know it. Rent must cost a bomb on a place that size. Probably more than a hairdresser with a wife the size of Chiswick. Nah, she’s not really that big at all. It’s just a joke we have. I say she’s chubby and she says I talk too much and that’ll she cut my throat in my sleep. Oh, we laugh.

I tell ya what, you ever met that Edward Hyde? Big fella, carries a cane. He was in here the other day, had me in stitches. He’s knows every dirty joke there is. You ever hear the one about the Scotsman and the badger? You haven’t? Well, I can’t remember it but I’ll tell you what, it was funny.

You working on anything at the moment? Top secret? That’s mysterious. You know who was telling me his plans the other day, young Mr Hyde. He said he was going to take a ship to France and never come back. I think he said he wanted to go tonight. Are you okay Doc? I’m not finished with fringe yet. Oh, okay, seeya later then.



On the next History’s Hairdresser – A secret agent comes in for a little off the top.


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