The Big Batman Read: Batman – Prey (in 100 words)

Continuity note: Prey introduces the bat signal, batmobile and Hugo Strange meaning that it covers a lot of the same ground as Monster Men/Mad Monk only without the engrossing side plots of Julie Madison’s law puns. If I had a do over I would probably skip Monster Men/Mad Monk and put Prey in its place. With that out of the way, on with the 100 word review.


5. Batman: Prey (1990/1991) – Written by Doug Moench, art by Paul Gulacy and Terry Austin.

Prey continues the Year One trend of splitting the narrative between Batman and Gordon. Gordon is tasked with tracking down and catching Batman, while Batman is struggling with Hugo Strange’s nightly TV broadcasts painting him as a madman.

Throw into this an angry Catwoman (the papers keep calling her Batman’s assistant), a cop with a grudge, and Strange’s plan to discredit and unmask Batman with the creation of his own psychotic vigilante, and you’ve got a very entertaining Batman story. There are some great twists in this story and the art is absolutely gorgeous, with Strange looking particularly unhinged throughout.

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