History’s Hairdresser – JFK

Image (4)Alright, Jack, how’s it going? Good, good, good. Take a seat. How’s the wife? My wife, Marge, she’s always talking about glamourous that Jackie is with her hats, and the dresses with the frilly bits and shit. Yeah, she loves it.

You’re not talking? How come? Oh, I’m sure she’s overreacting. A girl sings happy birthday to you doesn’t mean you’re having an affair. She was dressed in what? Oh, that’s going to look bad. But I mean, it’s happy birthday, can that even be sung in a sexy way? It can? Oh. Yeah, you might wanna buy her some flowers or something. Maybe chocolates. And this girl, this Marilyn, you might wanna not see her for a while. Not that I’m saying you’re messing around on the side, but you know how women get when women in their underwear sing happy birthday to their husbands. Hey maybe you can get her one of those square hats, women seem to be all over them at the moment.

Anyway, what’ll it be? A little off the top?


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