History’s Hairdresser – Shakespeare

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Alright, Will, didn’t expect to see you around here. Well, cos the, y’know, baldness. Yeah, I guess there is some on the sides. I’ll see what I can do.

Written anything good recently? I loved that one with the funny dog or clown or something, and there’s  two friends and there was a romantic misunderstanding. Narrow it down? Erm, it had the name of an Italian city in the title. No? Anyway it was great.

My eldest is a big fan of that Romeo and Juliet, she says Romeo sounds well fit and would love it if her boyfriend would drink poison. That might be cos he’s a tit though, not for the sake of tragic romance.

Right, all done. Much quicker when there’s only a little to cut. Anyway, before you go I had an idea for a play. It’s about a hairdresser. That’s it. Just a hairdresser doing hairdresser things. No? I guess everyone’s a critic.


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