History’s Hairdresser – Superman

Image (4)Superman, how are you, mate? You’re good. Excellent. Take a seat. How’s your love life? That’s a tough break but y’know women want honesty. They need it. You can’t be running around behind this Lois girl’s back and think she’s gonna take it. You remind me of my brother. He used to say that he was always frank and earnest with women. He was Frank when he was in the North and Ernest when he was in the South. Ha – ha – ha. My brother, the comedian.

So, if you want me to cut your hair I’m gonna need to get my magic scissors from the Phantom Zone cupboard we got in the back. How did I know your weakness is magic? I’m a hairdresser; it’s my job to know.

Right, let’s get going. Oh, I gotta tell ya I had this fella in here yesterday. Such a geek. Glasses, floppy hair, sorta looked like you, only if you were a loser. Bloke comes in, trips over the stool and goes flying. Then he spills coffee on himself. Keeps babbling apologies. It was pathetic. Bloke was the biggest loser I’ve ever seen. Hey, what’s wrong with your eyes, they’re all red and glowy. You not feeling well?


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