History’s Hairdresser – Brutus

Image (4)

How do, Marcus Brutus? Take a seat. How’s it been? Busy? Yeah, me too. Caesar got that bowl cut now everyone wants one. I’ve had them all in here, Cassius, Cicero, that other one. Yeah, all the rage. Especially after him giving those barbarians a kicking. I keep saying it to the wife, I keep saying if you want to be in charge you’ve got to batter some barbarians. That’s what the people want.

Any plans for the weekend? Today? It’s the fourteenth, mate. Oh right, laying low today, big plans tomorrow. I know what you mean, my eldest has some school camp tomorrow, it’s called The March of Ideas or something. Supposed to help shape the leaders of the future and all that twaddle. Between you and me, I think it’s all a load of rubbish. Caesar will be the leader of the future and that’s that.

What’s funny? Oh, right private joke. Fine. Right, all done, one Caesar bowl cut. Seeya later, mate. Yeah, you too, Brutus, you have a nice day too.


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