History’s Hairdresser – The Scarecrow

Image (4)

Alright, mate, take a seat. Haven’t seen you around here before. Oh, Australia, I here it’s lovely over there. My cousin lives there. I swear everyone in England either has family in Australia or Spain.

Oh, I thought you said Oz. The Land of Oz? Never heard of it. How’s the weather? Sunny with flying monkeys? Probably beats the old two day English summer though.

So, just a little off the top? Right. This is straw. It’s not hair. Just cut the straw? No problem. I also notice that you have a mouse living inside of your head. Cut his hair too? Cut the mouse’s tiny hair?

Are you out of your mind? What do you mean you don’t have one? Okay, mate, if you’re gonna play silly beggars you’re gonna have to leave. Yeah, that’s right dance on out of here you burlap sack headed weirdo.


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