Fiction: Write a story without repeating any words

First published August 2012

Déjà Vu

Our car skidded out from under me as it made a harsh turn around the corner on Firth Street. We flipped over, landing upside down beside several homeless men crowding about their fires.

Flames shone into my confused eyes before –

Tom’s Honda’s wheels screeched beneath his feet. He took some breaths and saw buildings ahead turning clockwise followed by smashing noises, crunching, dizziness.

‘This has happened already –‘

One vehicle spun through foggy air, fighting with gravity, losing, alighting loudly roadside. Driver spews out words, confusion.


Automobile helter-skelters, finishes like turtle, back-laying, gives birth to operator who looks Munch-esque, wide-mouthed, passengers ignored.


Ride spirals round, stops, emits shocked person.


Mechanical whirlwind, collision, muddled human.

‘Once more.’

Whoosh, smash, furrowed brow.

‘Final echo.’                

Crash, ‘Why?’




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