Movies of 2016 #03 – The Hateful Eight


I unashamedly love Quentin Tarantino. I love his brazenness, I love his arrogance, I love the fact that he will happily kill off a major character, I love the fact that he does what he wants with no regard for his detractors or critics. His move from straight crime movies to huge genre fare has been fascinating to watch and yielded such incredible movies as Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained, which actually might be my favourite Tarantino. He has a flair for the dramatic historical film full of violence and dark comedy.

His most recent is The Hateful Eight, the accumulation of his style of putting disparate characters in a locked room and waiting for them to explode. Here he places a variety of Western archetypes in a cabin during a blizzard and we wait for them to kill each other. And it’s wondrous.

Starting slowly and then building to an explosive finale, The Hateful Eight, is perhaps not as instantly iconic as previous Tarantino movies but I really enjoyed it as a homage to both classic westerns and The Thing. A group of people trapped together with no one knowing the allegiances of the others and a woman in their midst worth ten thousand dollars (a fact I feel like Kurt Russell should have kept to himself) create a sense of claustrophobic tension that can only end in blood.

Overall, it’s a showcase of the talents of Samuel L Jackson, who is perfection in this movie, and Walton Goggins, an actor who is a much welcome addition to the Tarantino stable of actors. Actually everyone is amazing in their roles and it’s great to see Tim Roth knock it out of the park doing his best creepy Englishman surrounded by no nonsense Americans and one Mexican.


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