The Big Batman Read: Knightquest – The Search (in 285 words)


Pictured: A man with a broken back

This arc has a lot of problems. The depiction of the entirety of England as some weirdly posh village stuck in the 1930s is one of those problems. There was a weird trend for a lot of American media to show England as being very proper and stuck in either the past. Every time spoke like Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins and the only city in England was seemingly London. Also, in order to properly show that you were showing England someone would have to say ‘bloody’ or ‘bleedin’’, and this comic is no different.

Another problem is that the hero is Bruce Wayne, the man who stopped being Batman because he was paralysed. However, as the arc goes on Wayne goes from wheelchair bound to upright on crutches to simply a man with a bit of a bad back.

And the final problem is that this arc is boring and shit. It gets into a groove of Kinsolving being threatened and Wayne not being able to help her and Alfred telling him he needs to rest and Wayne ignoring Alfred. Also every issue or so someone threatens Wayne thinking he’s crippled and he kicks the shit out of them.

I can understand the need for this arc. You need to show that Wayne is doing something and magic away his paralysis before he can return to Gotham. However you are hindered by the fact that, while injured, Wayne can’t be too powerful and also can’t return to America because then he would hear about Jean Paul Valley and have to do something about it. So the writers maroon Bruce and Alfred in fairy tale England and tread water until it’s time for Knightsend.

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