The Big Batman Read: KnightsEnd (in 225 words)


The final chapter of Knightfall, and it’s mostly the same throughout. A lot of fights, lot of training, and a lot of Jean Paul Valley being brainwashed. Bruce Wayne goes to see Lady Shiva to become badass again and Valley chases ghosts, believing that a man he had already killed has come back. Catwoman’s there too pursuing a McGuffin from her own solo comic line, so that doesn’t really matter.

Unfortunately, this arc had lost a lot of its sheen right about now. It was simply too long and too much of the same. Bruce Wayne was always going to come back and take the cowl so it never needed to take this long. It is an interesting thing to see this many comics running the same story for nearly two years. It is a constant complaint that comics will shake up the status quo for a bit just to reset it when needed, but at least they tend to only shake it up for a few months rather than for ages. I imagine reading these books at the time must have been a nightmare spent waiting for Bruce Wayne to finish chasing his doctor and return to Gotham.

Either way, by the end Wayne has defeated and forgiven Valley and retaken his place as the true Batman of Gotham City. For a bit anyway.

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