This blog is not the first one I’ve tried to make. Before I’ve done them out of boredom or because everyone else was doing them and at one point because I was living in Thailand and it seemed the thing to do.

This blog may have three or four posts and then die, probably a common thing in the blogosphere (wow what a twatty, twatty word to say or write) but I will try my best to maintain it.

My hope is that it will be like a journal of conversations I’d have with other people if I had friends who thought about the same things as me. Or at least if I still lived in the same country as them.

I should explain a little about that.

When I was 21 I left England and moved to Thailand, leaving behind a job in retail to become a teacher.

I worked in Thailand for two fabulous years where I met Fiona, the Australian love of my life.

And then we moved to Korea for two great (not as fabulous as Thailand) years and now we find ourselves living and teaching in Istanbul.

We’re coming to the end of our first year of Turkey and intend to do one more.

And in that one more year I’m going to write my book.

Twelve months to do it. Put up or shut up.

This blog is a place to keep the cogs turning and keep me writing.

Wish me luck.


38 thoughts on “About

    • I saw you write fiction on there and I am new to this blog thing so its always good to try and build a little writing community so I can can get and give feedback. Anything I can do to help other fledgling writers like myself and its good karma I guess to help and receive help in return.


      • Well I’m always willing to share an opinion or two, if you want an opinion/critique on something just drop me a note. I can always find time from somewhere, it’s normally hiding at the back of a cupboard or under the bed.


  1. Good luck! I’m amazed at how many places you’ve lived. I live about 15 miles from where I was born and that’s about the extent of my travels! Oh, but the stories I could tell you about those 15 miles 🙂


  2. You’ve got a great thing going here. It looks like you are well on your way in your book. I like that you are sharing your favorite lines and lines you wished you’d written. You’ve given me an idea of including “out-takes” from my current story on my blog.


  3. You know, I’ve been following you for a bit and I used see you on my timeline keeping count of what you’re doing, I’d think ‘what an annoying idiot’. But then after a while, whenever I come on WordPress I’d find myself popping by for a visit and clicking to see how you’re progressing, just because I’d like to know that at least someone out there is trying at something. I really, really, hope you’ll get whatever you’re writing about published (and let us know) because I’d really want to see what you’ve been keeping from us all these time. All the best!



  4. Hi! Thanks for following my blog. Your life seems pretty interesting, quite similar to mine actually in nomadic sense. Though I haven’t travelled abroad, I have shifted base within India so many times that I don’t know anymore what to say when someone asks me “Where are you from?”
    Pls check out my other blog, http://www.acuriousarmywife.wordpress.com, where I write about my adventures as an Army wife in India. Cheers!


  5. I saw your name and had to check you out. Just in case. You do know you have a famous namesake? Footballing legend.
    In fact his family down the line still stay in Glasgow and thereabouts. Masses of them. My sister is friendly with one of his grandchildren I think she would be. Nice to meet and greet. I think you may stay with WordPress. It has a lovely community.x


  6. Today was the first time I’d come across your blog — Rochelle Wisoff-Fields used your jar of batteries as a prompt today (recycling the prompt from a few years ago, she stated) photograph for Friday Fictioneers today. So, I got curious, and here I am.
    You sound like you’re leading the right kind of life. I hope all goes well for you. It sounds great.


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