100 Cool Things #055: DC Movie Variants

DC recently released previews for their movie-based variant covers. There are some absolute beauties here. My favourites are probably Batgirl in Purple Rain, Justice League Dark as Beetlejuice, Grayson in Enter the Dragon or Superman in Superfly.

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100 Cool Things #054: The Sylvester Stallone Podcast

20141205_082821_5173_682943Paul Scheer, creator and host of my favourite podcast How Did This Get Made? has brought out another fantastic podcast, The Sylvester Stallone Podcast. In it Scheer takes questions from his audience and asks them to 80s action legend, Stallone. Or he would if Stallone turned up. Instead the podcast gradually becomes a chronicle of Scheer’s rapid descent into paranoid madness. Featuring special guests throughout this is a very dark, very funny podcast that takes us into the mind of a very sick, depraved man who loves Sylvester Stallone.

Click on the pic above to go to the Sylvester Stallone Podcast homepage or subscribe on iTunes.


100 Cool Things #48: Sainted Ladies

Over at Heymonster’s Society6 page he is selling gorgeous art prints showing some of the best female TV characters depicted as modern saints. I’m torn between getting the Liz Lemon, the Leslie Knope or the Starbuck. Or all of them. HM01 HM02 HM03 HM04 HM05 HM06 HM07 HM08 HM09



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100 Cool Things #039 (Edit): Awesome Movie Blogs

This was originally a post about how good the Youtube channel Cinema Sins was. Since writing the channel has gone from showing fun little three minute videos showing errors with movies to showing twenty minute videos criticising every slight error with every frame.

Unlike Honest Trailers, a similar video channel, the videos are not fun or affectionate, they are nit-picky and pointless.

So my new 39th cool thing is this, a list of sites to look at which revel in movies and enjoy them, faults and all.

Have a read, take their advice, watch movies, enjoy movies, hate some movies but at least make sure you hate them for a reason, not just because of trying-too-hard cynicism.

100 Cool Things #45: This is Water

This is Water by David Foster Wallace. This is an abridged version of Wallace’s Kenyon college commencement speech about dealing with the tiny, annoying details in your life. It is about being mindful of our thoughts and surroundings and not being ground down by the little things.

I posted this on Facebook a while back and was inundated with comments about Wallace killing himself. Even though he did commit suicide I don’t think it diminishes the message of this video as some people seem to think. Anyway, have a watch and see what you think.


100 Cool Things #044: What if the Prequels were good?

I love a good What If? There are hundreds of movies and TV shows with near miss casting decisions, title changes (True Detective was originally called The Murder Ballads, which is awesome) and abandoned plot lines that make me yearn for some sort of way we could see these What Ifs played out for real.

Unfortunately we can’t but we can do nearly the same thing with the bottom two videos which aim to fix some of the glaring errors with Lucas’ piss poor Star Wars prequel trilogy. The downside is that when the videos are over their version of episodes 1 and 2 still doesn’t exist. Nice to dream though.

100 Cool Things #043: Akira and the moon

My favourite part of one of my favourite comics. I love the way Akira has a panel to think about whether or not he wants Tetsuo to put a hole in the moon and then, ‘The moon…’. The next few pages is Tetsuo punching a hole in the moon. I can’t express how good it is so I’ll guess you’ll have to track it down yourself and read it.

From Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo, 6 volumes and 2146 pages of pure genius.


100 Cool Things #042: Favourite Comedy Sketches

Some of my favourite comedy sketches presented in no particular order:

The Butterfield Diet by Peter Serafinowicz:

Fork Handles by the Two Ronnies:

Now We Know by Mitchell and Webb

Hello M’Lady by Amy Schumer (as a bonus enjoy the Youtube comments from pathetic Men’s Rights Activists continuing to show the world that they are the lowest form of pond scum)

The Yorkshiremen by Monty Python

Mexican Standoff by Rocketjump



100 Cool Things #037: Baby George

His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge









(After being accused on Tumblr of stealing credit for the creation of these gifs, I should point out I did not create them. I just found them and shared them, to be fair to me I never claimed to have created them but I can understand how that assumption could be made. The creator was, I think, http://obsessedwiththeroyals.tumblr.com/)

100 Cool Things #036: A Guide to Discworld

If you haven’t read any Terry Pratchett books you are missing out. Imagine Harry Potter, Monty Python, Neil Gaiman, Blackadder, Airplane!, Alan Moore, Lemony Snicket, National Lampoon, Mad Magazine and Private Eye were all a single person. That person’s name would be Sir Terry Pratchett.

Here’s a reading list to help you find a starting point with his incomparable Discworld novels. My favourites are the Watch Novels, of which Night Watch is probably the best (and also one of the best books ever).  


100 Cool Things #034: American Doctor Who

Buzzfeed posted a list of actors who could play The Doctor if Doctor Who had been made in America. Some are great (Vincent Price, Donald Glover, Bryan Cranston, Christopher Walken), some are not (Nicholas Cage), but it definitely made me think of how awesome the 50th Anniversary would have been if it was Sam Rockwell, Donald Glover and Harrison Ford all playing The Doctor at the same time. 

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100 Cool Things #030: Bill Baxley’s Letter

Taken from Letters of Note:

In 1970, shortly after being elected Attorney General of Alabama, 29-year-old Bill Baxley reopened the 16th Street Church bombing case. The racially motivated act of terrorism, which killed four African-American girls in 1963, resulted in a fruitless investigation and marked a turning point in the Civil Rights Movement. Baxley’s unwavering commitment to the case attracted much hostility, particularly from local Klansmen. In 1976 he received a threatening letter of protest from white supremacist Edward R. Fields — founder of the “National States’ Rights Party” and “Grand Dragon” of the New Order Knights of the Ku Klux Klan — in which Baxley was accused of reopening the case to score political points.

Bill Baxley’s famously succinct reply, which was typed on his official letterhead, is as follows

The next year, a member of the United Klans of America named Robert Chambliss was found guilty of the murders. He remained in prison until his death in 1985.

100 Cool Things #014: Future Me

CaptureFutureme.org is a website that lets you send emails to the future. Each year I write myself an email giving myself a pep talk, some reminders, a little advice. It works wonders for my morale, especially as I always make sure to leave out a lot of the negative stuff and put in a lot of positive stuff (no one wants to be reminded of year old complaints). I’ve been doing it for five years now and at the end of this month I should be receiving some mail from 2012 Sean (that cad!) and it’s exciting because 2012 Sean was unmarried and hadn’t finished draft one of THE BOOK. He’d be so proud of me, sitting here with my beautiful wife, hard at work on draft two. The website has an archive so you can go back and look at old messages and also a public board where you can see anonymous letters that other people have sent. Some are heart-warming, some are sad, but each one is an interesting little look at the messages people send from themselves to themselves.

100 Cool Things #012: Tea and Teaching

My lovely, talented, beautiful wife (aka my muse, my flame, the light of my life and the fire of my loins) has made a blog about Tea and Teaching.

Fiona describes it thusly:

Hello world,

As you may have guessed I like tea and I am also teaching. Basically I have created this site as a digital record of great teaching tools and resources that I have come across. I am constantly e-mailing and bookmaking links to come back to later, then never being able to find them. I recently introduced blogging to my students and we discussed the idea of a blog serving as a digital record. The idea really resonated with me so here it his. I also hope I can share some great stuff with other teachers. A blog just about teaching seemed so dry, hence the tea element. I also really enjoy reading about Psychology and it is one of my teaching methods so expect to see a few posts related to that as well.

Tea, education-related tips, tricks and insanity and the lingering prospect of some psychology, what’s not to like?

Go and look at it now and follow it.

Here’s a taster of some of the content for you:


100 Cool Things – #010: Kid’s Books

beastlyboysandghastlygirls4Beastly Boys and Ghastly Girls is a 1964 collection funny poems about, well, beastly boys and ghastly girls. It contains poems by , to name a few, Lewis Carroll, Shel Silverstein and AA Milne. Here’s an example from Ted Hughes:

Ted Hughes

Pets are the hobby of my brother Bert.
He used to go to school with a mouse in his shirt.

His hobby it grew, as some hobbies will,
and grew, and GREW and GREW until –

Oh don’t breathe a word, pretend you haven’t heard.
A simply appalling thing has occurred –

The very thought makes me iller and iller:
Bert’s brought home a gigantic Gorilla!

If you think that’s really not such a scare,
What if it quarrels with his Grizzly Bear?

You still think you could keep your head?
What if the Lion from under the bed

And the four Ostriches that deposit
Their football eggs in his bedroom closet

And the Aardvark out of his bottom drawer
All danced out and joined in the Roar?

What if the Pangolins were to caper
Out of their nests behind the wallpaper?

With the fifty sorts of Bats
That hang on his hatstand like old hats,

And out of a shoebox the excitable Platypus
Along with the Ocelot or Jungle-Cattypus?

The Wombat, the Dingo, the Gecko, the Grampus –
How they would shake the house with their Rumpus!

Not to forget the Bandicoot
Who would certainly peer from his battered old boot.

Why it could be a dreadful day,
And what Oh what would the neighbors say!

100 Cool Things #006: Hawkeye Initiative


The Hawkeye Initiative. A site that takes the weird, unnatural posing forced upon female comics characters and redraws it with Hawkeye in place of the female character “to draw attention to how deformed, hypersexualized, and unrealistically dressed women are drawn in comics”. It is amazing and a good cause and something I wholeheartedly champion as a comic book reader and a feminist.

See also: Women in Refrigerators and Escher Girls